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TAA is proud to say that they have  a 100% OWNER DRIVER FLEET OF VEHICLES.  The owner drivers are professionals and by having a professional team it enables the operations and transport team at TAA to get on with managing your Line Haul Requirements seamlessly, and delivering on to the right place at the right time, damage free.

The Owner Drivers have invested in TAA's business by bringing some of the latest up to date vehicles and equipment which often draws a great deal of attention out on the Roadways and within the Market Place.

The owner drivers work hard to ensure that the late model Truck & Trailer units and B Trains that they are bringing onto the road have new level's of efficiency, each new model of trailer has a new idea behind its build.

Because our customers are always looking for new efficiencies and smarter ways of doing things in order to save time and money, TAA's vehicles are set up with the  mezanine floors for maximum loading potential of palletised or general freight, but they also have the ability to drop the floors to load out Hay or Baleage from a farm, our vehicles are built with two things in mind,  customer requirements and diversity of loading.

The Owner Drivers are a valued part of our team and together we are working hard to ensure the business provides you the customer with some of the best possible solutions in Line Haul Capacity and Driver Capability.

Please view our Gallery for some of our more up to date photo's of our fleet.


People & Contact Information

Our office is based at 9-11 Sylvia Park Road, Mt Wellington Auckland 1050.

Andrew Faire  - Managing Director & Director of Operations

Tracey Faire   - Director - Finance 


Transport Team  - Contact (09) 573 5923 or email

Grant Gordon - Line Haul Planner  (027) 532 9843

Mirree Maritz  - Line Haul Planner  (027) 532 9842


Accounting & Administration Team - Contact (09) 573 5923 or email

Jeremy Shi  - Accountant            

Tracey Faire                                                                                                                  


Systems & Compliance Management  (09) 573 5923 or email

Kimberley Mulder - Systems Manager


To send us your proof of deliveries or if you have a proof of delivery request please email