Independent Line Haul Operator, specialising in Full Truck Loads


TAA is a family owned and operated business which began back in 2009 with one Truck & Trailer. TAA might be Auckland based but they work across the North & South Island each and every day.  

TAA has a dedicated team of people who take pride in what they do, and together the company is working each day to provide the customer with; 

" out-standing quality of service from a Line Haul Operator.

Over the past nine years  Andrew & Tracey have worked hard to build a brand that they regard as a market leader by ensuring the company delivers with a high level of service that adds value to their customers business.  It is all about delivering a quality product .

TAA works across multiple locations and business sites each day, each come with their own unique requirements, but TAA's team ensures that they deliver the same high level of commitment, quality and professionalism to each business that they provide services for.

Andrew and Tracey have worked in the Road Transport Industry for the past 25 years, that gives them a collective of over 50 years to draw from the experience between them.  Both Andrew and Tracey are actively involved and work within TAA on a daily basis from Operations to Finance to making Sales Calls, so give them a call today and find out how they can add value to your business Operation.